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From the heartfelt stories of local farmers to the laugh-out-loud comedy of our creative commercials, the videos below bring to light the high-quality products and superior service that you’ll only find at Guy’s Farm and Yard. Kick back and enjoy!

Meet the Guy’s & Gals at Guy’s | Purr-fect Television | Backyard Films


Meet the Guys (and Gals) at Guy’s


Purr-fect Television

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  • Bambi Web Video

Backyard Films

Second Chances: Justice For Dogs

In honor of “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month”, Guy’s Farm and Yard in Morrisville has teamed up to salute Justice for Dogs. Relying solely on community support and operating without a shelter, the Justice for Dogs animal rescue represents the impact Vermonters can have when we rally for a good cause.


Second Chances: R.A.D. Girls Club

“We’ve been given so many second chances and we asked ourselves, why aren’t we doing this for someone else”. -Chelsea Edson. Meet the R.A.D. Girls and learn how you can help them give a voice to the overlooked and misunderstood diamond in the rough dogs, who represent the toughest adoption cases in the state.


For the Love of Chickens

“If you have had the belief that chickens don’t have much a personality, then you have a big surprise coming” – Dr. Steven Metz. Chickens can bring welcome entertainment and fulfillment to your backyard farm and family. Watch for tips and tricks on how to make your backyard hen heaven.


For the Love of Wild Birds

“You have to pay attention to the habitat…you’re asking these birds to join. Vermont is a unique place that is wonderful for bird watchers and bird feeders.” – Dr. Steven Metz. Learn how you can safely create a flourishing backyard sanctuary for wild birds.

Backyard Farms

Hear stories of Vermonters who are adopting backyard farms, and see how this slice of heaven cultivates peace, joy and mindfulness for individuals and families.

Humane Society of Chittenden County

Few of us truly understand the deep level of love and work that goes into sustaining a no kill shelter. Meet the team at the Humane Society of Chittenden County, learn about the many resources they supply our community, hear stories of love and adoption and learn how you can support their efforts to leave no animal unloved.