Chick Days 2018

Order Egg-ceptional Fowl from Guy’s Farm and Yard!

Please print out order form(s) and submit in person at any of our retail stores.

Please Note:
We work with the hatcheries the best we can to establish dates for pick-up. Please keep in mind that these are live animals and we cannot always control when they will hatch, or arrive. We will always call you to let you know if your birds are here, and also to update you on potential changes. Please also be aware the hatchery provides us with a 90% rate of accuracy regarding the sex of your laying birds.

Thank you for your understanding.


Our layers are from Mt. Healthy Hatchery in Ohio. All chicks are 1-2 days old upon arrival.


Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Reds – $2.69 each


This “old-time breed” is very dark red in color. They are good egg producers of brown eggs.


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Golden Comet

Golden Comets – $2.69 each


These light red/golden chicks are bred for high brown egg production, good feed conversion, and excellent livability. A nice addition to any flock!


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Australorp – $2.89 each


Are calm and friendly, and excellent layers of brown eggs. They are black with a sheen of green and purple when light hits their feathers.


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Ameraucana – $2.89 each


Lay a light blue or green egg. These birds vary in color and size. Very good temperament and cold hardy.


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Buff Orpington

Buff Orpington – $2.89 each


These birds will produce high-quality eggs in good quantities. Coloring is yellow-orange. Quiet temperament, friendly disposition, and excellent setters.


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Silver Laced Wyandotte

Silver Laced Wyandotte – $2.89 each


These birds have similar qualities to the Ameraucana. Excellent egg production, calm nature, and cold hardy. They sport a beautiful white and black lacing on their feathers.


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Meat Birds

Meat Birds come from our friendly neighbors in the north: Canada!


Jumbo Cornish White

Jumbo Cornish Cross (white) – $1.25 each


Bred for efficient production of broiler meat. You can expect to have fresh natural meat in 7-8 weeks.



Red Broiler

Red Broilers – $1.25 each


Bred for efficient production of broiler meat. These broilers rarely experience leg problems, are more active, better suited for grazing hence, grow slightly slower.



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All Turkeys are from Mt. Healthy Hatchery in Pennsylvania, USA.


Broad Breasted Bronze

Mammoth Bronze – $7.99 each


The bronze turkey has a good growth rate, body conformation and feed conversion. You can enjoy a big, beautiful bird with inherent vigor and livability – a great choice for free range. One day old!


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Broad Breasted White

Broad Breasted White – $6.99 each


Known for fast growth rate and quality meat. One day old!


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