Franklin County Conservation District

Nutrient Management Plans:

Step-by-step guidance for writing your own


  • Receive pre-class preparation from the Conservation District.
  • Attend a 6-week, once per week, winter class taught by UVM Extension.
  • Complete the program with an NRCS-certified Nutrient Management Plan that serves your farm business and satisfies the Required Agricultural Practices.
  • Free to enroll and all costs covered.


Limited seats are available, so sign up early! No applications accepted after July 31st.


Contact Jeannie Bartlett at 802-528-4176, [email protected], or Pam Stefanek at 802-388-6746 x126.


They will connect you to your area’s Conservation District, where you can sign up.


Phone Number: 802-528-4176
Address: 27 Fisher Pond Rd
Item Time: July 31, 2017

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